Stencilling has become the hot new look for furnishing, according to White Knight Paints on walls, floors and furniture as a subtle design element, a bold band of pattern or an intricate repeat motif.

The cubes were made inexpensively from MDF and then turned into a work of art with the simple application of a quality gloss paint in striking colours.

And it is a better teamwork than to apply a stencil to one of the most versatile furnishing elements around – the cube.

Cubes can serve a multitude of purposes inside and outside the home as a seat, a side table, stacked singularly as a pedestal and stacked two on two as a beautiful display shelf.

Squirts spray-on gloss enamel by White Knight Paints was applied to each cube in either gloss white or cherry red.

A stencil was then cut in a random organic pattern and used to apply a contrasting pattern on two sides of each cube. One stencil was applied in gloss black on the white cube and bright orange on the cherry red. Only one coat of each colour was required.

Squirts features a beautiful palette of 50 colours and each can has an adjustable nozzle that allows the user to apply paint evenly and sparingly whatever the shape of the item to be painted.

Squirts spray-on gloss enamel is ideal for most clean, dry surfaces and creates a glossy, protective finish for both indoor and outdoor items. Squirts spray-on gloss enamel is touch dry in only 10 minutes.

There is also a range of eight satin enamel colours in pastel shades under the Squirts brand.