Waterloo Systems  has released a new web‐based specifying program for web area partitioning; the Waterloo Spec Tool.

The Waterloo Spec Tool can be found at the Waterloo Systems website, and it assists architects and builders in choosing the right options on each partitioning system quickly and easily. Through a simple step by step on‐line process, a downloadable PDF document is produced, which can be attach to plans, emailed for quotation requests or stored in project files.

The Waterloo Spec Tool begins by choosing the type of partitioning system, then the model, the board type, the colours (separated by doors, divisions and frontals), the hardware, headrail option and finally allows you to free‐type any further directions or specifications.

Gregg Longmuir, Sales and Marketing Manager at Waterloo Systems, explained, ‘We wanted to make it easier for architects to know what their options are when selecting a Waterloo system, with so many products and options in the market today we wanted a straightforward approach that could assist building professionals to complete their project.”

Waterloo Systems’ wet area partitioning systems are manufactured to exacting quality standards, using Laminex board (including environmental green star rating options) and with design registered fittings.