Emiel Mol, Director of Hermeta NL (Holland) will visit Central  Tablelands Commercial Industries (CTCI), Bathurst  to review production processes and  finalise agreements to introduce CTCI’s patented floor mounted toilet and shower partitioning system into the European Market.

CTCI is owned by successful entrepreneur Eisse Woldhuis who identified a gap in the market for customised, modular toilet and shower partitions that were suited to all environments. The ‘Waterloo’ partitioning system (Waterloo Systems ) produced by CTCI has experienced remarkable growth due to its innovative and customised design supported by exceptional service. The company now employs 22 people and is recognised as an innovative manufacturer within their category.

Eisse Woldhuis of CTCI said “We hope to develop a relationship with Hermeta that will enable a two-way flow of expertise and know-how, in addition to building volume to increase our purchasing power.”

Hermeta is a well established Dutch enterprise delivering a wide range of modern design construction and industry related products, using the raw material aluminium. Director Emiel Mol met Eisse Woldhuis in Holland where he was impressed by CTCI’s originality in design. He asked to sell the floor mounted partitioning system into the European markets under licence.

The Waterloo floor mounted partitioning system provides a streamlined durable partition which is mounted to the floor with no cumbersome overhead bracing and has proved popular with architects. The anodised aluminium plate has been designed registered to CTCI and is unique to the market.

CTCI expect to start exporting the floor mounted partitioning system components to Hermeta in Holland by the end of the year and both companies hope to share technologies and processes to further improve their businesses.