Australian water cooler business Unlimited Water has been acquired by Waterlogic Australia.

Established in 1997, Unlimited Water is a brand that grew organically and became a credible rival to major bottled water corporations dominating the Australian water cooler industry.

Following the acquisition, Unlimited Water has added about 8,400 POU water coolers to Waterlogic’s existing Australian operations, significantly strengthening the latter’s footprint in Melbourne and Sydney.

Peter Cohen, Chief Executive, Waterlogic Commercial, commented: “This acquisition is a perfect addition to our already established business further enhancing our Australian presence. The Australian market, like elsewhere in the world is seeing a transition from traditional bottled water coolers to our more modern mains-fed solution which filters and purifies mains water. We see continuing growth opportunities by offering to Australian customers our wider range of products and services and especially further introducing dispensers featuring our highly innovative Firewall UV water purification technology. We look forward to offering Australian organisations water coolers that are more environmentally friendly, cost effective, better tasting and quite frankly superior to other alternatives.”