Waterlogic Australia completed the acquisition of Just Water International Limited’s Australian business (Just Water Australia) as part of a long-term strategy to become the global leader in the water cooler segment.

Founded by Tony Falkenstein, Just Water International Ltd is a New Zealand listed water cooler business.

Already a clear market leader in point-of-use water coolers in Australia with 25 per cent of market share, Waterlogic will significantly strengthen its footprint in Queensland and New South Wales with the acquisition, which will see Just Water Australia adding 10,000 POU water coolers to Waterlogic’s existing Australian operations.

Just Water Australia brands include Clearwater Filter Systems, The Watercooler Company, Just Water Filter and Clearwater, all of which will eventually be rebranded to Waterlogic.

Jeremy Ben-David, CEO and Founder of Waterlogic, explains that the acquisition of Just Water Australia is a further step towards their goal of building a global champion in the water cooler industry. He adds that Just Water Australia consolidates Waterlogic’s market leadership in the Australian point-of-use water cooler segment and creates an ideal foundation for further growth in the Australian market.