Waterco has won the Best Product Award at SPATEX UK 2011 for its pool filtration system. Waterco is an international swimming pool and water treatment specialist.  

MultiCyclone Plus from Waterco is an all-in-one centrifugal pre-filtration and filtration system that offers advantages such as water-saving capabilities, energy-efficiency and streamlined sizing.  

The MultiCyclone Plus was judged by industry representatives at SPATEX UK 2011 and the win announced in the latest issue of the UK’s Pool & Spa Scene magazine. The MultiCyclone pre-filters were first introduced in 2007.  

Incorporating patented technology, MultiCyclone Plus combines the pre-filter with a built-in cartridge filter to create a streamlined pool filtration system that can be installed vertically on top of a standard pool pump.  

Key features of MultiCyclone Plus pool filtration systems: 

  • Centrifugal pre-filters filter up to 80% of the dirt and drains it out 
  • Frequency of filter maintenance is significantly reduced with the pool filters 
  • Takes only 15 litres of water to flush the unit, saving pool owners time and money 
  • Saves between 7,000 and 20,000 litres of pool water per year compared to sand filtration systems 
Expressing his satisfaction at the recognition, Tony Fisher, Managing Director, Waterco UK, says that the MultiCyclone Plus is an extremely well designed product that lives up to its environmental credentials.  

Held in early February, SPATEX is dedicated to the combined water leisure sectors, providing a platform for thousands of new products to be showcased for the upcoming European summer season.