Waterco announces the release of a new range of LED lights in a dual voltage version that allows easier lighting upgrades for pool owners.

Waterco’s best-selling Britestream LED lights have undergone significant technical and aesthetic enhancements with the replacement light now available as a dual voltage product, enabling it to be connected to either a 12 volt system or a 24 volt system.

Waterco’s Domestic Water Care Product Manager, George Flory explains that the new LED lights make it easier for pool owners to upgrade their older halogen pool lights, which are less efficient than LEDs. The new Britestream lights can simply replace these older lights and enable pool owners to slash their power consumption by 85 per cent.

Waterco’s replacement pool light kit, which consists of a retrofit electrical connector and a universal ¼-turn twist-lock adaptor plate, is designed to replace most major pool lighting brands. According to George, the brand names are marked on the ¼-turn twist-lock adapter plate, making it a simple process to upgrade pool lights.

Designed for quick and easy installation, the new LED lights feature enhanced ventilation slots for faster heat dissipation, improved water circulation, and a refined, fresh and appealing appearance.

Key features and benefits of Britestream LED lights include super bright LEDs capable of delivering up to 352 lumens of light (white LEDs); only 15 watts of energy required, 85% less than a halogen light; long life and energy saving attributes; multi-coloured options; and precision-built PCB totally enclosed in a waterproof housing constructed from UV-, abrasion- and corrosive-proof polycarbonate materials.

George adds that the new Britestream LED lights are more energy efficient, over five times more so than a halogen light with greater durability, versatility and lifespan than traditional halogen underwater lights. These LED lights have a lifespan of over 70,000 hours, which is the equivalent of over 30 years of illumination.

Waterco's Britestream lights are available in white and blue colours or multi-coloured (RGB) without the use of a coloured lens.