The ChemfloPlus system from Waterco is an automatic control system designed for the chemical maintenance of pool water. Waterco’s ChemfloPlus system offers effective, accurate and energy efficient operation at the touch of a button.

The ChemfloPlus automatic control system is designed to continuously analyse pool water chemistry and accurately sanitise and control the pool’s pH level, keeping the water safe and healthy for pool users.

Waterco’s water treatment product manager Victor Quijada explains that chemical maintenance of pool water is a fairly complicated balancing act since sanitiser residuals must be maintained at a level sufficient to protect swimmers while the pH of the water must be simultaneously maintained at a level that provides the assurance the sanitiser is working effectively. This balance must be maintained while also protecting the pool and equipment from corrosion or scaling and the bathers from discomfort or irritation.

By measuring and precisely controlling the set levels of sanitiser and pH balance through feedback from inline sensors, the ChemfloPlus automatic control system is able to ensure the safest possible swimming conditions.

Designed to be cost effective, ChemfloPlus also minimises chemical use and prevents excessive addition of chemicals that may damage the pool and its equipment. Power requirement is minimal as the ChemfloPlus’ dosing systems only operate when required.

The ChemfloPlus automatic control system is also able to automatically respond to seasonal demand by maintaining the required chlorine level and eliminating problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels throughout the year. By doing so automatically, the ChemfloPlus ensures there are fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels and correspondingly, in pH levels, resulting in more stable, balanced water.

ChemfloPlus also allows for up to four filter cycles to be activated, providing extra flexibility, especially during seasonal adjustments. The pool user can activate a single cycle for winter, two cycles during summer, or all four cycles for a busy pool party. The unit comes with two cycles enabled as default.

Specially configured to control a salt water chlorinator, the ChemfloPlus will constantly analyse the pool water while the pump is running and activate the salt water chlorinator when necessary. By simply plugging the salt water chlorinator into the ChemfloPlus unit, chlorine levels can be maintained at a consistent set point, ensuring the pool is clean and safe.

Key features of ChemfloPlus automatic control systems include smart LCD display; multiple filtration cycles; ability to control pool and spa combination; pool and garden light timer; additional timed power outlets to operate accessories such as in-floor cleaning system pump, pressure cleaner booster pump or pool lighting; salt chlorinator automation; and timer function built into the operation software allowing the unit to ‘remember’ the latest set-up in case of power failure.