Ecoskim, the award-winning, eco-friendly pool skimming device from Waterco has received confirmation from the independent testing authority, Queensland Testing Laboratory for its compliance with the Pool & Spa Suction Fitting Standard, AS1926.3-2010.

The Ecoskim pool skimming device attaches to existing pool skimmer boxes to allow for greater fluctuations in pool water levels due to evaporation and heavy rainfall while improving water quality. The device has also been improved to prevent body entrapment, increasing safety.

Ecoskim has received a Smart Approved Watermark and was also named 2011 Product of the Year.

Ecoskim inventor Mark Davies explains that skimmer boxes have been around for about 30 – 40 years, but have not evolved in design to meet with the dramatically changing attitudes to water usage and sustainability.

The devastating drought in south east Queensland, which occurred several years ago, led to the development of the Ecoskim with the design working extremely well as a standalone water saving device.

A floating, self-adjusting mouth in the Ecoskim saves water by allowing pools to operate above and below existing skimmer box water levels, resulting in fewer water top-ups.

Bryan Goh, Waterco’s group marketing director adds that the Ecoskim can be used with a pool cover to further optimise water savings as it increases the time between pool top ups.

Key features of the Ecoskim:

  • Easy to install as it attaches to most skimmer boxes
  • Easy to use as it simply connects to an existing pool skimmer box and is ready to operate
  • Environment-friendly as it reduces the need for water top ups
  • Smart streamlined design is visually appealing and fits snugly under a pool’s coping
  • Made from high quality UV stable polymer for durability
  • Self adjusts to low pool water levels, protecting the pump from running dry during periods of low rainfall
  • Improved water skimming from pool surface water being drawn into the device at a higher velocity
  • More rapid removal of surface debris as the device self adjusts to optimum skimming level
  • Can be used simultaneously with pool floor suction cleaning devices, offering concurrent pool water surface cleaning and pool cleaning