Waterco  provided a comprehensive pool filtration solution to a premier fitness centre in Dubai.

Located within the Pyramids Wafi, part of the renowned Wafi City Shopping & Entertainment complex in Dubai, the Pharaoh’s Club is one of the emirate’s premier and largest fitness centres. An outdoor, free form ‘lazy river’ and swimming pool designed for relaxation, aqua aerobics classes, swimming laps and professional swimming lessons is a major attraction.

When the club decided to upgrade the existing filtration system of the 10-year-old, 1600m³ pool in 2012, they consulted with leading Dubai swimming pool maintenance company, Those Pool Guys, which in turn contacted international swimming pool equipment manufacturer, Waterco.

Those Pool Guys general manager explained that the pool filters were near the end of their working life and needed to be replaced. A key objective for the replacement filtration system was achieving a high level of filtration without having to change the existing set up of the plant room. Water conservation was also another requirement.

After considering the club’s requirements, Waterco and Those Pool Guys suggested a combined solution consisting of Lacron 42” horizontal filters, Waterco MultiCyclones, plus Waterco glass pearls to replace the existing sand filtration media.

Tony Fisher, managing director of Waterco Europe explains that the Lacron HZC filter is specifically designed for installations that require a high filtration surface area, such as the Pharaoh’s Club pool. The main tank structure is made from extremely hardwearing glass reinforced polyester, and the unique lateral under drain and looped header design ensures optimum water filtration and balanced fluidisation of the filter bed during backwashing.

Six Lacron filters along with a number of Waterco bobbin wound filters were installed, in addition to 18 MultiCyclone 16s, Waterco’s award-winning pre-filtration devices. These work on the basis of centrifugal water filtration and are created to minimise filter maintenance and save water. To further enhance the filtration quality and water saving benefits, glass pearls were recommended instead of the existing sand filter media.

Manufactured from 100% virgin glass and measuring only 0.6mm by 0.8mm in size, Waterco’s glass pearls offer much finer filtration than other alternatives and are therefore capable of providing excellent water purity and clarity (filtration below 3 microns). The spherical shape results in low friction levels, reducing the need to backwash and saving pool owners both time and precious water. In fact, glass beads require 20% less water for backwashing compared to sand.

The club is deriving significant benefits from the combined systems installation, both aesthetically and financially with a major reduction in water and chemical bills, as well as enhanced water clarity.