Waterco  has completed the acquisition of Pool & Spa Poppits, a pioneer in the development of viable and healthier alternatives to traditional chlorine and bromine chemical solutions.
The acquisition reflects the growing demand for healthier water treatment products, especially by those who suffer from respiratory diseases and skin ailments.
The Pool & Spa Poppits brand of chlorine-free products is approved by the Sensitive Choice program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation NZ. The Poppits brand product range is produced to strict quality standards and designed to be kind to asthmatics, gentle on sensitive skin and good for the environment.
Bryan Goh, Waterco’s group marketing director describes the acquisition as a ‘natural next step’. He explains that Pool & Spa Poppits is a pioneer in marketing chlorine alternatives successfully and helps create an ideal partnership when combined with Waterco’s technological capabilities.
Along with precautions to control allergens such as dust mites, mould and pollen, progressive households can now protect their spas, spa baths and swimming pools using a product that is safe and effective for all users, including people with asthma and allergies.
Waterco will continue to work with Pool & Spa Poppits (Poppits) to market Sanosil and a range of other chlorine free products for swimming pools. The two companies are also collaborating on a new line of chlorine-free swimming pool sanitisation systems.
Poppits’ founder and now general manager of the division, Rob Anderson is thrilled that Poppits’ identity as a ‘healthy alternative’ will be taken worldwide thanks to Waterco’s resources and infrastructure.
He describes the Poppits solution as an easy-to-use chlorine-free pool sanitising system that’s perfect for those suffering from allergies, living with asthma or suffering from eczema, and helps to create a more pleasurable swimming experience.