Leading supplier of commercial blinds, Vertilux follows an important set of guidelines in the manufacture of their blinds.

As a key member of the blinds manufacturing industry in Australia, Vertilux recognises its responsibilities to the environment, the community and across the entire industry and supply chain. Working towards the primary objective of becoming the most sustainable blind manufacturer in the world, Vertilux operates along key guidelines that will ensure its practice matches its vision.

Vertilux’s Environmental Policy

  • Use less materials to produce more product.
  • Lead through supply chain management.
  • Manage the supply chain to reduce waste.
  • Work from a position of knowledge across all aspects of operations.
  • Utilise the scale of Vertilux to positively influence the industry and Government.
  • Be an industry leader in sustainability and environmental performance. Vertilux will eliminate practices and the use of products that emit harmful or toxic emissions including greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Use the results from internal strategies to provide a business case for the rest of the industry and positively influence the greater industry.
  • Lead through research and design in blinds. This encompasses fabrics and efficiencies in manufacturing through to new types of blinds that confer tangible environmental benefits to the user and the world.
  • Endeavour to use local solutions for procurement needs, where viable.
  • To have internal energy efficiency and environmental responsibility as standard practice.
  • There is no such thing as a waste stream, just an opportunity to recycle and save cost. Vertilux will become net waste neutral.

Vertilux intends to be the world leader in sustainable blinds manufacturing, and will use the lessons learnt to achieve this position and influence their competitors to strive for similar performance.

Image: Vertilux aims to be the most sustainable blind manufacturer in the world