Cleaning is a breeze with Valet Central Vacuum Systems. Imagine being able to plug in your vacuum hose at convenient points around your home, without lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner with you.

With Valet vacuum system’s motor and power unit hidden away in your garage or outside, they’ve been able to make them much more powerful than a portable. Valet’s central vacuum system allows the air to be vented outside. Fine particles of dust are permanently removed. The health benefits are enormous, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

The Central Vacuum Systems make cleaning much easier. With this vacuum system, you simply click the lightweight hose into one of the convenient inlet valves, located throughout your home. These inlets are perfectly safe, even for inquisitive children.

If you’re worried that the central vacuum system would be hard to install, don’t be. In new homes, the pipe work is simply incorporated into the home as it’s built. In existing homes, it’s relatively easy task to install pipes in wall cavities, under raised floors, above the ceiling, behind built-ins or through staircases.

The Valet vacuum system can be installed for you or, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, they can supply an easy to install do-it-yourself kit. Valets vacuum systems use a nine metre hose. So in most cases, just three or four inlet valves will cover the entire home.