Valet ’s has intercom systems range from doorbells to video touch screen communication hub networks enabling control within home or office. Audio-only systems allow speaking to the caller at the main door or gate, while colour and black and white intercom systems allow speaking as well as seeing the caller.

Both the intercom systems are capable of being fitted with doorbells or doorbell cameras for several gates and doors. Internal answer points can also be selected within the house or office. Other features of intercoms include gate and door commands, family commands, viewing points and internal music, to name a few.

The basic and complex operations in Valet’s intercoms are performed using the same, single cable from the front door to the answering location, and connecting it to the other answering locations across the house. Valet provides an 8 core intercom cable to ensure accurate installation and configuration of intercom systems.

Valet security alarm system is supported by an online and real-time Internet-based monitoring service, along with CCTV vision. The data from this security system can be transferred to mobile phones. Valet’s security alarm systems incorporate a network of security devices connected to a main controller, using wires or wireless transmission components. The main controller can be connected to a phone line that is programmed to call the phone or the monitoring service for reporting an alarming situation.