The innovative SmartMeter solution from Watersave Australia is helping several commercial and industrial facilities monitor their water usage to improve business efficiencies.

To further simplify utilities management, Watersave’s SmartMeter solution is expanding its monitoring capabilities to include electricity and gas to provide companies with a complete overview of utilities in a business portfolio.

Essentially, Watersave’s SmartMeter solution will ‘babysit’ utilities, collecting and presenting data in simple and readable formats for business managers. Watersave Australia can also provide monthly summary reports of consumption figures delivering water efficiency figures such as productivity per kilolitre of water used, mapping processes to water consumption, or calculating the volume of water used per square metre of office space.

The Watersave SmartMeter solution will remotely monitor utilities, send automatic alerts via SMS and email if excessive water or energy usage occurs, which in turn will allow business managers to prioritise maintenance, minimise losses, and finally maximise water and energy savings in business.

Widely used in commercial and industrial organisations across Australia, Watersave’s SmartMeter solution is increasingly being utilised by organisations focussed on sustainability.