Watersave Australia  specialises in innovative water saving solutions combining quality design and water saving technology for sustainable business. The Watersave SmartMeter System is an effective water management tool that can be used to assist companies that are looking for ways to save water and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The Watersave SmartMeter water saving system delivers water usage monitoring on-line, in real time so that abnormal usage and leaks can be quickly identified and rectified. The water saving technology has been specifically designed to create significant water and operational cost savings, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase the Environmental Rating of any building in which it is installed. It will monitor daily water usage, helping companies to create sustainable water management plans and providing measurable results.

The Watersave SmartMeter System has been developed in Australia and is widely used in commercial applications such as water retailers, local councils, schools, hotels, airports, camping grounds, universities and golf courses.