Watersave Australia is pleased to announce that Uridan’s ongoing commitment to product development has led to the release of the next generation Uridan waterless solution. The newest Uridan range features the same elegant Danish Design lines, now with significantly improved internal engineering, to deliver a quality product which will further simplify the installation and ongoing maintenance of the urinals.

Uridan waterless urinals have been available through Watersave Australia since 2003 and the product has benefited from continual research and development. In Australia alone, Uridan products are instrumental in saving millions of litres of water every day. Where a conventional urinal will flush away an average of 60,000 litres of clean drinking water over a year, in a commercial office setting, the award winning Uridan urinal requires NO water for flushing.

The large range of models, materials and colours makes it simple to find the right Uridan product to suit any building project. Uridan is frequently specified for office towers, shopping centres, sporting facilities, schools, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

Uridan products are available in the following models:

  • Admiral – floor or wall mounted, single bowl urinals
  • Cadet – wall mounted, single bowl urinals
  • Pylon – floor mounted, single bowl urinals
  • Crew – floor or wall mounted trough urinals
  • Captain – unisex urinals
  • Compass – unisex urinals
  • Spinnaker – privacy screens

The high quality Uridan urinals are available in ceramic and vandal proof fiberglass materials. Fiberglass products can be supplied according to the colour specifications of individual clients to ensure there is a Uridan solution for any commercial or residential bathroom installation.

Today, installing Uridan waterless solutions is an astute business decision. Organisations focusing on sustainability need to look at water management to achieve the social, economic and environmental benefits that come from selecting environmentally responsible products.