Watersave Australia received a “Highly Commended Judges Award for Water Efficiency” at the 2003 Master Plumbers 21st Annual Plumbing Industry Awards for the innovative Uridan water-free urinal.

The award was judged by Melbourne Water, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria (SEAV) and the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia.

The criteria for selection included a product that can demonstrate:

• High water efficiency

• Reuse (or harvesting of water)

• Industry approval (WaterMark)

• Innovative design and sustainable construction

• Demonstrable water saving over current practices

• Plumber and end-user “ease of use” and cost effectiveness

“We are extremely proud of this award and the endorsement by industry of the innovative design and environmental and commercial benefits of this next generation of water-free urinal” said Paul Marsh, Director Watersave Australia. “Uridan water-free urinals are becoming widely accepted as a proven alternative to flushing urinals. There is no valid reason to waste water flushing away urine, when a proven and industry accepted alternative is available. Cost is no barrier as the Uridan water-free urinal actually reduces costs and provides a positive return on investment over the life of the asset.”

About Uridan water-free urinals:

Uridan water-free urinals are the next generation of water-free urinals and operate without the requirement for waste cartridges. The patented waste trap functions by separating the urine waste from the bowl with a biodegradable blocking fluid, providing odour-free operation. No water is required.

Water and sewerage charges are reduced and additional savings are realised through a reduction in operational and maintenance costs.

Over 10,000 Uridan water-free urinals have been installed around the world and are available in adult and children sizes.