A new logo and new nautical themed names for the waterless urinal range have been introduced by Uridan, part of Watersave Australia .

The Uridan concept conserves the world’s most precious resource – water. The Danish designed completely waterless urinals save millions of litres of water every day.

Architects and property owners worldwide see the benefits of the Uridan waterless urinal, which not only saves water, but is a stunning feature in any amenity.

Even though 70% of the world is covered in water, only 3% is fit for human consumption.

Uriden founder John Reese said, “Uridan enables us to be a part of a revolution that will bequeath a better world to our children.”

With the rebranding, the company enters a new phase in its growth.

New Uridan product names are nautical (water) themed and are consistent with Uridan’s mission to save on portable water.

The waterless urinals now have names that reflect the uniquely designed range, including:

  • The Admiral – the highest ranking, original product with a urinal design reflecting that of a ship.
  • Cadet – a smaller version of Admiral
  • Captain – Uridan’s first female urinal
  • Compass – a unisex waterless urinal system
  • Crew – the waterless trough urinal
  • Pylon – a waterless urinal for the more ‘edgy’ amenity installations.
Additionally, Uridan provides a privacy screen entitled Spinnaker, which follows the architectural lines of the urinals and resembles a sail in full wind.

The urinals are available in ceramic and fibreglass, and come in a range of colours and styles to provide environmental benefits, water savings, and cost savings, all with the stylish Danish design.