Watersave Australia has extended the capabilities of its SmartMeter solution to cover energy and gas management. Watersave’s next generation SmartMeter solution now provides reporting across all utilities combined, including water, energy and gas.

The real-time nature of Watersave’s utilities management system puts property managers in control by providing 24-hour online access to combined energy, gas and water data.

The Watersave SmartMeter solution has been assisting commercial and government organisations for over seven years, improving water management and realising significant financial savings through early leak detection and resource management.

The expansion of services into energy and gas is a natural progression for the company, and the flexibility of Watersave’s award-winning data logging technology means the solution is capable of reading any pulse capable meter including water, gas and energy meters. 

Accurate utilities data is presented in 15-minute intervals from Watersave’s secure online interface and alarms can be generated almost instantly in the event of unusual usage patterns. Real-time metering with SMS/email alerts translates to simplified and improved utilities management and significant savings.

Commercial property owners and local councils managing large and varied property portfolios can achieve sustainability and financial goals only through careful resource monitoring. By providing a simple solution with accurate and up-to-date data for analysis, Watersave’s SmartMeter solution equips building and asset managers with the tools to manage a complete portfolio of meters, helping them accomplish efficient utilities management. The intuitive Watersave management portal translates into improved sustainability and significant savings in water, energy, gas and money.