The University of New South Wales calculates that it has saved at least one million litres of water in a year by installing seven innovative urinals which work without flushing.

The university’s energy manager, Robert Grimmett, says the university is pleased with the performance of the Uridan water-free urinals and will be installing more of them.

Robert says that as well as saving water, the urinals save money. The cost of running the Uridan urinals is about 40 per cent less than the cost of water that would normally be used for flushing. This, with a reduction in maintenance costs, makes the urinals a sensible alternative to flushing systems, he says.

“The urinals have been exceptionally well accepted by students and staff and, in addition to the savings, the urinals do not smell during operation.”

As well as the University of New South Wales, Uridan water-free urinals are also used at the University of Technology Sydney, University of New England, Armidale, NSW, and Griffith University, Queensland.

Watersave Australia distributes Uridan water-free urinals throughout Australia and New Zealand and has supplied hundreds of them for use in public toilets.

For more information, contact: Watersave Australia on 1300 368 603.