Transitions Polishing and Grinding  recently carried out a large rectification and refurbishment project at the Queensland Tennis Centre involving the repair of epoxy floors on the courts.  

A $82 million state-of-the-art tennis facility based in Brisbane, the Queensland Tennis Centre comprises of 23 tennis courts including two showcase courts and a centre court, The Pat Rafter Arena. The tennis centre is host to a number of internationally acclaimed competitions each year.  

The rectification and refurbishment project was carried out on the external concourse and under croft of the Pat Rafter Arena. The project was necessitated by the failure of the original epoxy coating system used on the concourse since it was not installed in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.  

Transitions Polishing and Grinding were contracted to rectify the external epoxy floors of the Pat Rafter Arena. The company chose an epoxy system that fulfilled the job criteria.  

The epoxy system was required to be hardwearing and able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Queensland while offering superior UV stability and weather resistance. The epoxy coatings also required a high non-slip resistance and endurance to large amounts of traffic.  

Additionally, with a short timeframe till completion, the system needed a rapid curing rate to ensure that the five-coat system could be completed in time. The epoxy floor was walkable the day after application and heavy vehicle access was granted within five days of application.  

Transitions Polishing and Grinding began with a lengthy pre-preparation process, which included the removal of the existing coating and membrane, treatments to surface cracks, patching around drains to reduce water pooling, ramping up to tile finishes and preparation of the surface for the paint application.  

Given the failure of the previous epoxy coatings, Transitions Polishing and Grinding placed major emphasis on quality control, which was implemented as a continual process throughout the application stages.  

Surface moisture, air and surface temperatures, relative humidity, product temperatures and general weather conditions were assessed constantly to highlight key areas of focus and care during installation.  

The epoxy coating installed was a two-part epoxy in three colours, matching the intricate design selected by Tennis Queensland and designed by Mirvac. The design of the epoxy coating represented a tennis ball ricocheting from one wall to another, around the complete circumference of the stadium and was made up of two shades of grey and a deep red colour laid out in an aesthetically appealing and scientific manner.  

The rectification at the Queensland Tennis Centre was completed in just five weeks to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved with the project including Tennis Queensland.