Stained concrete floors from Transitions Polishing and Grinding are a major design highlight throughout the internal mall area of the award-winning Capri on Via Roma project. 

A redevelopment project of a $50 million waterfront shopping centre on the Isle of Capri, Gold Coast, Capri on Via Roma comprises of 31 retail businesses including waterfront restaurants, cafes, fresh food and artisan providers, a small supermarket, as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle outlets.

Capri on Via Roma features 1500m² of Transitions stained concrete flooring throughout the internal mall area including the basement. The client’s brief called for a flooring solution that combined design flexibility with functionality. The client sought a floor that was not only aligned with the shopping centre branding but also increased the brightness of the internal mall space and created a cheerful atmosphere for shoppers.

A key requirement was for the flooring finish to flow seamlessly throughout the internal mall areas, into the retail tenancies and out onto the external finish. The concrete floor would also need to be durable to withstand high foot traffic on a constant basis without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Transitions was also required to complete the installation of the stained concrete floors within a compressed construction timeframe in stages to allow all the other trades to also complete their works simultaneously.

Transitions stained concrete was the product of choice for the internal mall area of Capri on Via Roma shopping centre, and was selected for its ability to meet the objectives of aesthetics, functionality and installation.

Transitions developed a number of colour samples for the client until the right shade of yellow was created to match the shopping centre’s branding. The use of this particular shade of yellow has brightened the internal spaces of the shopping centre immensely, creating a warm atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

The Transitions stained concrete floor installed at the shopping centre encompasses a full exposure of aggregate and high gloss finish, further increasing the brightness by enabling light to bounce off the surface into the building. The flooring not only flows seamlessly throughout all the tenancies within the internal areas, but also allows curves to be created to suit the shapes of the shops, creating a unique design feature.

The Transitions stained concrete floor also met the cost objectives of the client with savings achieved by installing the stained flooring on the structural slab.