Transitions Polishing and Grinding installed polished concrete floors at the new office of PDT Architecture in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

PDT Architecture’s new office space, located in the McLachlan and Ann development in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, features Transitions’ environment-friendly mechanically polished concrete flooring.

Transitions’ polished concrete floor is expected to become a contributing factor to the architecture firm’s submission to the Green Building Council of Australia to achieve a 5-Green Star rating for their office.

Occupying the complete third and fourth levels of the building, the architect’s office has Transitions mechanically polished concrete floors in all common areas and hallways. Combined with fantastic interior design and furniture choices, the new office space is contemporary, edgy and functional.

A key objective for the installation of the mechanically polished concrete floor was a finished product that would not only contribute to a 5-Green Star rating for the new office space but also achieve an industrial aesthetic. The client also sought to achieve a slip rating of R9 and R10 in the common areas and kitchen areas with the chosen flooring product.

PDT Architecture selected the Transitions mechanically polished concrete floor with a satin finish and partial exposure of aggregate for their new office space. As gloss levels and slip ratings work at cross-purpose, choosing a satin finish enabled the client to achieve their required slip ratings of R9 and R10. The selected gloss level also contributed to achieving the industrial, rustic look.

Transitions Polishing and Grinding worked very closely with PDT Architecture to assist in delivering an environment-friendly flooring product. Using prior knowledge and experience in Green Star rated projects, Transitions installed the mechanically polished concrete floor along with low VOC sealers and floor hardeners; this was further aided by utilising the existing slab, which meant that no added materials had to be transported into the project and no additional weight was added to the building.

PDT Architecture is targeting a 5-Green Star rating for their new office space, and the Transitions polished concrete floor is one of the contributing factors towards the credit requirements of the rating.

The Transitions mechanically polished concrete floors installed in the new PDT Architecture office space in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane met the objectives and requirements set down by the client. Feedback received from this project indicates that the overall service and product achieved exceeded the client’s expectations.