By adding a TV Lift to a custom-made bed from Town and Country Re-Upholstery and Beds , users can have the luxury of watching TV in comfort, whilst solving many of the problems of TV placement in bedrooms.  

Many televisions take up a lot of valuable space in bedrooms, often requiring an extra cupboard or table all of their own. Wall-mounted televisions can end up being too far away to be seen easily, and difficult to relocate if the layout of the room is changed.    

Installing a TV lift in a custom-made bed hides the TV when it’s not in use, and when required, raises it to the optimum viewing position at the touch of a remote control button.  

Town and Country Re-Upholstery and Beds can build a TV Lift to fit an existing bed using a choice of upholstery fabric or timber finish, so it blends in with existing decor.