Town and Country Re-Upholstery and Beds presents the Dunlop Viscoflex (Memory Foam) Car Seat Cover Overlays (Toppers).

Used either over car seats or under fitted covers, the Viscoflex material moulds to the passenger's body, increasing the sensation of comfort. Dunlop's Viscoflex has a much finer cell size than regular visco-elastic foams, allowing for immediate and constant comfort, even in cold conditions (down to 6 degrees).

Viscoflex foam's open cell structure allows a better airflow and results in a more enjoyable feeling in any climate. Treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection to keep away bugs and dust mites, the car seat cover overlays contours to body shape.

Two available sizes suit most vehicles, large: 44" x 23" x 22" or medium: 40" x 20" x 19" and a 5 year guarantee from Dunlop is provided.