Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet and Australian households use 11% of our national water consumption.

Water is our most precious resource and it us up to everyone to make a difference and conserve water.

Water down the drain:

A tap that leaks once every two seconds wastes an amazing 15 litres per day. Check your taps to make sure they are not leaking and get any leaking taps fixed to save you water and money.

Brilliant buckets:

Waiting for the shower to get hot wastes thousands of litres of water each year. Put a bucket under your showerhead and save the water and use it to keep your pot plants looking healthy or why both with the hassle with the Chili Pepper Water Recirculator which does the job for you anyway.

Delightful dishes:

The average dishwasher uses about 20% of household water and emits up to 10% of greenhouse gases for the average household. Try and run your dishwasher 1 less time per week by making sure it is full.

Todae has a range of water saving products that take the hassle out of saving water and even money.

Todae has Every Drop Shower Saver which can save you heaps of water while showering with the simple flick of your finger.