What Is A Solar Panel?

For most of us a solar panel is the little rectangular bit on our calculator that powers it, not something that can power a house or car.

But what exactly is a solar panel? A solar panel (or photovoltaic module) is a series of individual solar cells connected together to make up one large solar panel.

Each cell is typically made from silicon which turns the UV light into electricity. Solar panels usually have toughened glass covering the solar cells to protect them.

Basically the sun hits the silicon wafers and is turned into electricity, this electricity is then sent through the wiring in the panel to your regulator and batteries or inverter and to the grid.

There are a few different types of solar panels: amorphous panels, mono-crystalline panels and poly-crystalline panels. Solar panels are rated by their wattage, so a 80w panel is rated to output 80watts in a good hour of sun.

Australia averages annually 4 sun hours per day; so a 80 watt panel would output 320 watts per day. There is a lot of complex detail to how solar panels are made and how they work, but all you need to know is that they turn sun into beautiful clean, green renewable energy.

What Voltages Do Solar Panels Use?

Different types of solar panels use different voltages. Most smaller solar panels are 12V while larger solar panels are 24V. 12V Solar panels are generally used for applications like RV's, motorhomes while 24V solar panels are used with solar power installations.

Difference between the solar panel brands:

Today there are many well known solar panel brands. All of the brands make similar panels with similar outputs.

Todae  sells all the major brands including:

  • BP Solar Panels
  • Sharp Solar Panels
  • Suntech Solar Panels
  • Sunlinq Solar Panels
  • Sunpower Solar Panels
  • Solawatt Solar Panels

Solar panel accessories

Todae has a range of solar panel accessories to suit your needs and budget. Todae can tailor a complete system to suit your needs. Todae has Solar Regulators, Solar Inverters, Solar Batteries and MC Leads.

Portable solar panels

There are portable solar panels available which mean you can use your laptop at the beach, power some lights camping or power your portable devices. The Sunlinq Flexible Solar Panel is completely weather-proof and rugged and are good portable solar panels.

How Does The Solar Rebate Work?

The rebate is federally administered for domestic solar power installations. There are different rebates for grid connect solar systems and stand alone solar systems. The main type of rebate is the PVRP Rebate for Grid Connect Solar Power. Under this rebate you receive $8/watt back (capped at 1000 watts). Todae can handle all rebate paperwork and submit the application for you.

Benefits of solar panels:

The Federal Government’s Photovoltaic Rebate Program along with the Renewable Energy Certificates will help you save money, meaning solar power systems are now more affordable than ever.

  • Lightweight and easy to install and use
  • Produce clean electricity and reduce the impact of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce your dependence on mains power
  • Ideal power solution for caravans, camper vans, RV’s and motor homes
  • Produce clean electricity and reduce the impact of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Add value to your home
  • Solar modules can be integrated into the building in the form of windows, walls, roof tiles or pergolas
  • Solar power can supplement or provide all your electricity consumption