The Office Fitout service offered by Tint Design values the importance of maintaining natural lighting, safety and privacy in commercial office spaces.

The company has developed a practical and cost effective window film frosting solution, including frost bands and warning decal options that successfully meet the required level of ambiance, safety and privacy for individual office fitouts.

Frosted window film is a translucent film that enables light to enter an area but simultaneously limits visibility. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications including commercial spaces, as it offers a range of functions all in one application. Frosted window film also complies with regulatory standards with warning bands and the privacy it offers.

As well as providing a practical and attractive fitout solution, frosted window film can also be used to create a decorative option.

Using Tint Design’s precision cutting service, stencilled designs such as dots and lines can be cut from the film and company logos can also be stencilled to offer an effective branding solution.

Tint Design has also developed an interactive Design Range section on its website, assisting users to make decisions on designs for any office fitout.

Many full frost and warning decal design options are available online however, if greater customisation is required, any existing design and film type can be adapted for application to a particular commercial space.

Additionally, when selecting a design for an Office Fitout, it should also be remembered that Tint Design can provide frost film that has been digitally printed, extending the frosted window film options even further.