Tint Design has showcased two projects on their website where they have used digitally printed images to completely transform the frontages of two Melbourne residential homes.

Digital printing of lifestyle image onto frost film
The first project was in Richmond. The design of the house was modern and it had a glass facade at the front. The owners wanted the house to blend in with all the other heritage style homes in the street which is where Tint Design came in. They acquired a photograph of the original house that once stood on the block and were able to digitally print the photo onto film which was then applied to the glass frontage.

Digital print onto white film
The second project was in St Kilda. The brief for Tint Design was to produce a creative frontage for the home of a well known celebrity. The owner wanted the new facade to make a statement which Tint Design was successful in doing. The ensuing media coverage has made this project one of their most recognised digitally printed images.