Three Link Up  supply a comprehensive range of computer parts and accessories. These computer parts are available at cost effective rates. Three Link Up comprise of Microsoft Certified System engineers. These engineers have knowledge on different types of computer parts and accessories. Diverse range of computer parts and accessories, supplied by Three Link Up, includes memory cards, scanners, storage discs, hard disks, networks and printers. Three Link Up also provide several other services related to computer that include computer repair services, software solutions, upgrading of computers, network services, registering of domain names, web designing services, internet access and email access.

Three Link Up offer a complete line of home services. These home services include setting up of new systems and installation of software. Three Link Up are capable of addressing all types of computer related issues. Three Link Up also provide custom designed computers that meet the demands and specifications of customers. Three Link Up can network different computers thereby enabling users to share resources such as printers, hard drives, internet and modems. Three Link Up also design individual websites for the customers.