Three Link Up  provide a diverse range of computer products. These computer products include central processing units, storage discs, monitors, motherboards, graphic cards, software, keyboards, mouse, networks, sound cards and speakers. Three Link Up supply Intel series of central processing units. These central processing units are available in different configurations. Motherboards from Three Link Up include ATX series of motherboards. These motherboards are available at affordable rates.

Three Link Up offer memory cards. These memory cards are available in two different types such as desktop PC memory cards and notebook PC memory cards. PC2 series of desktop PC memory cards have storage capacity of one gigabyte, while Kingston Hyper series of desktop PC memory cards possess storage capacity of two gigabytes. Notebook PC memory cards from Three Link Up are available with storage space of one gigabyte and two gigabytes. Three Link Up supply different models of hard drives. These hard drives include Samsung series of hard drives. Samsung series of hard drives are available in varying storage capacities including 80 gigabytes, 160 gigabytes, 250 gigabytes, 320 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes, 750 gigabytes, 640 gigabytes and 1000 gigabytes.