Available from Thermon Australia, TubeTrace tubing with BSX self regulating heat tracing has been specifically designed for applications that require freeze protection or temperature maintenance for tubing where no steam out is possible.

This heat tracing tubing is able to withstand temperatures of up to 85°C and offers freeze protection or process temperature maintenance between 5°C and 65°C.

This electrically heated instrument tubing is able to vary its response to surrounding environmental conditions along the length of a circuit. There is also minimal risk of tube or product overheating.

BSX cables can be easily cut-to-length, making end connections simple and minimising installation costs. This also ensures minimal wastage. 

TubeTrace tubing with BSX self regulating heat tracing is certified for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas and in potentially explosive atmospheres in compliance with the ATEX Directive and the IEC Ex Scheme.