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    Thermon Australia

    Heat Tracing Systems for the Commercial Construction Industry from Thermon Australia

    HSX for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance
    Self Regulating Heating Cables
    HSX heating cables are specifically designed to maintain hot water supply piping at desired nominal maintenance temperatures. HSX heating cables provide hot water instantly at the point of use with major savings in water and installed costs.

    Hot water self regulating heat trace systems provides an alternative to the design and installation of commercial hot water systems for prompt delivery of hot water at the fixtures.

    WarmTrace Heat Tracing Systems
    A WarmTrace system replaces the complex recirculation network of return pipes, circulating pumps and balancing valves which results in no more over heating at the source and no more water wastage due to waiting for hot water at branch outlets.

    For each hot water supply line, simply match the hot water maintenance temperature with the corresponding colour coded cable and insulate, see the selection guide.

    HSX self regulating cables automatically maintains desired water temperatures. Changes in pipe diameters, flow rates and use patterns will not affect the design. Even variations in ambient or water temperature are compensated for as the cable adjusts its heat output along the entire length of a heat traced pipe.

    Features of Heat Tracing Devices from Thermon
    • Electric heat tracing systems replace the heat lost through the thermal insulation on hot water supply piping to maintain the water at desired nominal temperatures (50degC, 60degC), preventing stagnant water in dead leg lines from cooling. It also ensures that hot water is readily available when required at fixtures.
    • Self regulating cables are simply taped to the supply piping and insulated. These heating cables can be cut to length, tee spliced and terminated on site without the need for special tools.
    • The Self regulation phenomenon occurs along the entire length of the heat traced supply line, to balance the heat output of the cable with the heat loss of the insulated piping therefore outputting heat only where it is required, without the need for additional control.
    For an advanced, cost effective, approach to water heating which saves water, consider Warmtrace hot water temperature maintenance systems.
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