Thermon Australia  presents the Terminator ECM, an electronic control module specifically designed for controlling electric heat trace circuits used in freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications.

Available in both pipe/vessel (XP) and wall (WP) mount options, the ECM serves as the temperature control as well as the sensor and power connection for a heat trace circuit.

Thermon Terminator ECM electronic control modules are housed in a glass reinforced non-metallic enclosure with an environmental protection rating of IP66.

Key features of Thermon Terminator ECM electronic control modules:

  • May be used as a combination temperature control and limiter, a temperature controller or a temperature limiter
  • Rotary switches provided for adjusting temperature control and limiter set points
  • Data highway communication options of RS485 and CAN
  • Option of 4 to 20 mA output to a temperature indicator or the DCS also available
  • Approved for use in ordinary (non classified) and hazardous (classified) areas
  • ECM-OS version available in a stainless steel junction box for use in offshore applications