The Leaf Man Gutter Guard is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The company has in-house manufacturing capabilities which provide them with the versatility to accommodate box gutters. They also can offer made to measure specifications for gutters and valleys.

Recently, The Leaf Man Gutter Leaf Guard has completed many successful projects, including at: local councils, kindergartens, private and public hospitals, motor registry offices, department of sustainability, defence force, national parks and gardens, churches, railway stations, strata management, builders, fire stations, schools, universities, St Johns Ambulance.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guards allow for a natural flow of water to guttering and a natural removal of debris through wind and rain.

Features of The Leaf Man Gutter Guards:

  • They are custom machine scalloped in the factory to fit into the corrugations of metal roofs
  • They are designed and adapted to suit changing climatic conditions
  • They ensure maximum collection of water with minimum debris
  • They provide bird and vermin protection
  • Ember protection: CSIRO granted certificate of “0” flammability
  • They are custom measured, folded and fitted for individual tiled and flat roofs
  • They meet all council requirements
  • They help in rainwater collection and roof drainage
  • They reduce the need for regular gutter clearing