The Leafman Australia  is a company that protects one’s home from the effects of leaf clogged gutters. The Leafman Australia's Gutter Guard system are manufactured from BlueScope Colorbond Steel.

The Steel Gutter Guard gives complete safe, strong, secure feeling and it is proven and accepted worldwide.

Leafman Australia's Gutter Guard is installed over thousands of homes across Australia and is also tested against the Australian Conditions.

Colorbond Expanded Louvered Steel Gutter Guard is being utilised by Leafman Australia. Colorbond Expanded Louvered Steel Gutter Guard is used for water saving storage purposes.

Leaf man Australia's Gutter Guard System Controls overflowing and gives protection to the roofings. Leaf man's gutter guard is non-flammable, does not burn or melt.

The Gutter Guard is safe and strong, does not tear off during storm and rains. Leafman Australia's Gutter Guard is made from Zinculume and strong Blue scope Colorbond steel. Maximum amount of water can be filled in this tank. Leafman Australia's Gutter Guard is OH&S Certified.

The products of Leafman Australia had the following criteria:

  • Fireproof
  • Rainwater collected was reusable without presence of sludge
  • The entry of leaf into the gutter was restricted
  • Had the capacity to withstand heavy rain and hailstorms

Leafman Australia's Gutter Guard can be fixed into all type of roofs such as flat roof, tiled roof, clip lock roof, patio roofs and terracotta tiled roofings.