Leading Australian manufacturer of high quality expanded and extruded polystyrene, Foamex Group emphasises the importance of insulation in keeping the home environment comfortable in any climate.

In the absence of insulation or effective insulation, the home can turn into an oven during summer, increasing reliance on energy-intensive home cooling equipment. Good insulation, on the other hand, can help regulate the indoor temperature of the home, reducing energy consumption through optimal use of air conditioners.

The Australian Department of Industry and Science estimates that insulation could save the homeowner up to 40 per cent on heating and cooling bills. That’s because the home can be cooled or heated to a comfortable temperature, and the cooling or heating appliance can be turned off with proper insulation ensuring the temperature is kept steady by preventing the energy from leaking out.

A natural insulator against temperature and noise, polystyrene insulation prevents heat from entering the home, and regulates the temperature inside the home by not allowing the cooled air to escape. Good insulation products such as polystyrene allow the home to be cooled or heated to the desired temperature, and the temperature kept consistent by preventing energy leakage from the home envelope. Reduced reliance on cooling or heating appliances also means the homeowner can save substantially on energy bills.

One of Australia’s largest polystyrene manufacturers, Foamex offers a broad range of polystyrene products for building and creative applications.