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    The Foamex Group

    GeoFoamX: Australia's leading geotechnical void fill


    GeoFoamX by Foamex is manufactured from high quality Styroboard EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks, without the use of ozone depleting or CFC gases. GeoFoamX is a cost-effective fill material with tremendous weight bearing load capacity, making it the ideal choice in a variety of technical civil engineering applications. From reducing soil stresses and decreasing the amount of concrete, through to stabilising roads, embankments, bridge abutments, side hills and retaining walls. 

    Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a proven and reliable geotechnical building material for the Australian construction industry. It has been extensively researched and rigorously tested to meet and exceed industry standards. It also has numerous sustainability credentials compared to traditional fill materials. 

    Available in a range of densities and sizes to suit your specific engineering requirements, GeoFoamX EPS blocks allows for greater control over geotechnical projects.

    Complies with Australian Building Standards AS1366.3:1992

    Features and benefits:

    Lightweight and easy to handle: GeoFoamX is easy to move around a building site, can be trimmed on site and much more cost-effective to transport, as it is approximately 1% the weight of soil and less than 10% the weight of other lightweight fill alternatives.

    Strong and durable: Available in a range of compressive resistances, with exceptional strength and flexibility, GeoFoamX offers innovative solutions to a wide range of problems, including slope stabilisation, noise and vibration dampening, to name a few.

    Weather-resistant with low water absorption: The semi-closed cell structure of GeoFoamX retains its strength and structural integrity. Additionally, adverse weather conditions typically do not affect placement rates of GeoFoamX, which keeps construction schedules on track.

    Reduced construction time and costs: Due to its lightweight nature, GeoFoamX is quick and easy to install. Most importantly once GeoFoamX is laid, it can be built upon immediately, without the need to wait for compaction and settling time that would normally be required when using most traditional fill materials.

    Dimensionally stable GeoFoamX maintains its original dimensions when subjected to atmospheric changes in temperature and humidity, meaning it will continue to perform under all circumstances it faces. GeoFoamX also provides noise and vibration damping. 

    Recyclable and sustainable: GeoFoamX is 100% recyclable and sustainably manufactured. Offcuts can be picked up from building sites and taken to the Foamex recycling plant, where they are processed and put back into sustainable building products


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