Foamex, the leading provider of expanded and extruded polystyrene building products, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Expanded Polystyrene Australia’s (EPSA) new expanded polystyrene recycling initiative, StyroCycle, where expanded polystyrene (EPS) is recycled and used to manufacture new products such as building insulation.

Through StyroCycle, and its network of drop-off bins, households and small businesses now have a genuine option to responsibly dispose of expanded polystyrene packaging waste to be recycled back into useful products. This significant step marks Foamex's commitment to a circular economy, supporting environmental responsibility and sustainable practices within the industry.

Foamex recognizes the urgent need to address the environmental impact of plastic waste, particularly expanded polystyrene (EPS), which has historically posed challenges due to its non-biodegradable nature. By embracing EPS recycling, Foamex aims to divert this material from landfill, reduce its carbon footprint, and actively contribute to the creation of a circular economy.

Foamex operates a state-of-the-art EPS recycling system, leveraging advanced technology and machinery to efficiently process EPS waste into reusable materials. By recycling EPS, Foamex will enable its customers to integrate recycled polystyrene products into their building projects. Products such as Stryoboard XPS (extruded polystyrene) – the only XPS made in Australia, now contains up to 90% recycled expanded polystyrene. This waste is collected through a variety of different waste streams, from waste generated in-house to building sites, and now the packaging waste collected from StyroCycle bins.

Foamex is dedicated to collaborating with industry partners, waste management organisations, and local communities to enhance EPS collection efforts and facilitate the responsible disposal of expanded polystyrene products. By establishing partnerships, Foamex aims to establish a comprehensive EPS recycling network that spans across different regions, enabling easy access to recycling facilities and ensuring maximum EPS waste diversion. They currently have four StyroCycle drop-off points – three are located in Victoria (Bayswater North, Coolaroo, and Somerton) and one in Edinburgh, South Australia. There are plans to launch another drop-off bin at their NSW facility in Revesby by 2024.

Through this expansion into EPS recycling, Foamex is not only contributing to waste reduction but also encouraging other organisations to adopt sustainable practices. By providing recycled polystyrene products as an alternative, Foamex supports the circular economy by prolonging the lifespan of materials and reducing the need for virgin resources.

"Foamex is thrilled to take this crucial step towards sustainability and expand on our current polystyrene recycling efforts," said Justin Kelsey, General Manager at Foamex. "We believe that recycling is an essential part of the circular economy, and by offering recycled polystyrene choices within our product suite, we can make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable future."

Foamex is committed to keeping its customers, stakeholders, and the public informed about its progress in EPS recycling and other sustainability initiatives. Regular updates will be shared via the company's website, social media channels, and newsletters to showcase the positive environmental outcomes achieved through these efforts.