Building Bookshop  conducts monthly evening talks and programs which facilitate designers and architects from Australia to discuss and present their recent projects. Some of the guest speakers who have participated in these talks include Alexite Ritchie, Andy Mcdonald and Chris Eliot.

The Green Self-Build Book is available from Building Bookshop; it is a highly illustrative and pragmatic handbook on eco-friendly buildings for homeowners. The book gives inspirations and meaningful data to guide the clients through their green building process. It is published for readers who are looking out for do-it-yourself projects. This book is also helpful for housing professionals, students and teachers.

Building Bookshop has also supplied Dream Homes, which is a book stating information on all kinds of interior designs. It is available in paperback and has 100 inspirational interiors of different styles around the globe. The book has 800 photographs by world-renowned photographers which stunningly illustrates various types of interior designs.

Minimalism is a 1000 page pocket book supplied by Building Bookshop. It has around 2000 photographs, diagrams and architectural sketches. This book is a comprehensive summary of minimalism with outstanding international examples. It has three sections including applied minimalism, architecture and interiors. The architecture section tells about fashion and designs. This section also has information about 50 houses in Europe and the USA. The interiors section of the book has examples related to housing, lofts and apartments.