Building Bookshop  supplies books of different categories that include architectural books, interior design books, home building books, books related to landscape and architecture and magazines.

The green studio handbook from Building Bookshop is a user friendly book which presents practical designs related to buildings; this book is aimed at architectural designers. This book has forty environmental strategies presented with concepts, principles and step-by-step advice for combining the strategies in to the beginning stages of design. There are annotated charts and tables which help in deciding the preliminary sizing related to different types of buildings.

The Green Studio handbook presents green buildings strategies and technologies that are related to building environmental performance in a well described format. The format explains factors of what, how and how big a building should be constructed. The book has a simplified approach which is done by breaking green design in to six different building blocks. These blocks are envelope, energy production, lighting, heating, cooling, water and wastes.

Building Bookshop not only supplies books, it also organises architectural talks from time to time and Building Bookshop also provides free gift vouchers and wrappings along with the books for customer delight.