The Australian Trellis Door Company’s  RS4 extruded slat roller shutter can be installed over window or doors to provide extra security protection against intruders. 

The key benefit of the RS4 extruded slat roller shutter is that unlike regular roller shutters, it has triangular slotted holes and aluminium slats which provide see-through visibility. This ensures store stock can still be visible to passerbys at night when a retail business is locked or closed.

The slotted holes on the roller shutter also has the advantage of providing ventilation and helping to reduce temperatures in summer, helping to keep rooms fresh and cool. 

Other key benefits of the Australian Trellis Door Company’s RS4 extruded slat roller shutter includes: 

  • allows shutters to roll totally from view leaving doorways, entrances and window views unobstructed when required 
  • comprises of a curtain of interlocking extruded aluminium slats forming a solid security barrier 
  • can be controlled manually or electronically 
  • a key locking mechanism can be install as an optional extra 
  • available in a range of powder coated and high gloss finishes for visual appeal