EBS Entrance Solutions, an Australian manufacturer of industrial doors and cold storage doors, recently completed a fitout project for a marquee logistics company’s state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility.

This multi-user facility caters to storage and logistics services for cold chain, dry goods, dangerous goods, and pharmaceuticals. As part of this project, they required a range of EBS door solutions, including five different models.

One of the specified solutions for this operation was the EBS THERMAcombi – an integrated insulated roller shutter door combined with a PVC high-speed door.

The EBS THERMAcombi door combines the innovative attributes of two of our bestselling doors – the security and thermal efficiency of our insulated steel THERMshutter TS door, together with the speed of our CLASSICspeed SR2 PVC rapid roller door.


It features a single compact structure for installation. The THERMAcombi’s compact frame not only saves space but also reduces the need for additional steelwork, thereby minimising costs. Out of business hours, the PU-foam filled slats of the shutter not only offer security, but also provide thermal insulation, contributing to energy savings. The high-speed curtain can also be manufactured with a PVC PE curtain material (SR2-CH), which provides a higher level of thermal efficiency.

The EBS THERMAcombi door is perfect for applications where high security demands must be met, smooth and efficient workflows are essential, and thermal efficiency is also required.