The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is Australia’s premier supplier of lockable expandable barriers for emergency rental Australia wide.

Should you have a retail, commercial or industrial application and if the door which secures your premises breaks down and you require temporary lockup on an urgent basis, ATDC has both the ideal service and product for you.

ATDC expandable barriers

Recently, ATDC was approached by a Terry White Pharmacy in Melbourne to provide a solution since the roller shutters to their storefront had broken down and the replacement doors that were being manufactured would take a number of weeks, during which period they would not have security.

ATDC was able to deliver a 7-metre-wide expandable barrier the same day, giving the customer peace of mind and a cost-effective temporary lockup solution. The professional and streamlined service has minimal administrative paperwork.

These expandable barriers are safe and easy to operate having been independently OH+S tested and also comply in certain circumstances with the relevant Australian Standards for temporary fencing and hoardings.

Ideal for effecting immediate and temporary lockup for factories, warehouses, showrooms, logistics and distribution centres, the product can also be purchased outright.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of expandable barriers, please visit their website.