The Australian Trellis Door Company ‘s (A.T.D.C.) S04-1 Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier System is proving to be an outstanding success. A.T.D.C. recently installed over 120 lineal metres of trackless barriers at Gosford Town Centre, a recently redeveloped shopping centre on the N.S.W. Central Coast.

The job description was to secure eight kiosks, situated in the middle of the centre. Being kiosks, there was no super structure and no fixing points or supports. There were many angled lines and almost 120 lineal metres of space to secure and no place to store the doors.

The versatile S04-1 trackless barrier easily solved and overcame all these difficulties. Being a trackless barrier, the absence of fixing points posed no problems (the system being self supporting) and it could span an unlimited width at any angle and without the need for mullions. Storage space was not an issue as the systems could be stored off the premises.

The S04-1’s are proving popular in solving many OH&S issues; for instance they provide a protective barrier against machinery and also can be used to secure loading docks, preventing the public from wandering into factories and warehouses during trading hours.

A recent innovation by A.T.D.C. includes the removable lockable post, which can be used in conjunction with the trackless barrier, offering a higher level of security when required. A typical example includes securing an area in a shopping centre between two glass shop fronts. The removable lockable posts allow lock up without attaching onto the glass shop front, by locking down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor.

Another recent innovation includes a specially developed manual handling trolley, which allows a large span trackless barrier to be operated by a single person.