There’s nothing more Australian than spending time with family and friends outdoors in summer. Several solutions are available in the market to get your outdoor area summer-ready. Remodelling options range from laying a new layer of green grass for a fresh look to concreting or tiling the whole area. A green grass layer is cost-effective but demands constant maintenance; concreting or tiling can be very expensive and labour intensive.

TFO recommends paving as the most practical way to refresh the outdoor area. Pavers can dramatically transform an outdoor area without requiring exhaustive effort. Installation is mostly a DIY job involving digging the area for the pavers, spreading a thin layer of sand and compacting it, and positioning the pavers from one end to the other. Pavers also offer the flexibility to modify the paved area or even expand it if required.

There are several options available in the market for pavers: Concrete and brick pavers are commonly used because they are very practical and have the potential to improve the aesthetic appeal of the area. However, they can’t beat the beauty of natural stone pavers such as travertine pavers and sandstone pavers.

Travertine Pavers

A highly popular natural stone product in Sydney, travertine has a dramatic and luxurious character and is also an extremely practical choice as it’s one of the harder natural stones. Tumbled travertine pavers are perfect for the outdoors, even as pool deck pavers, as the natural pores give this product its anti-slip characteristics. Featuring a handful of colour variations, travertine is most commonly available in a cream colour.

Sandstone pavers

Sandstone is made of compacted sand grains and is available in a wide range of colours. One of the most popular colours is teakwood sandstone featuring elegant flowing patterns. Sandstone is a practical paving choice for its durability as well as a grainy surface texture that provides a natural anti-slip factor for greater safety even in a wet area.

Natural stone products are perceived as an expensive choice; however, TFO sells their travertine pavers and sandstone pavers at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, enabling homeowners to create a classy travertine or sandstone paved outdoor area for the same price as brick or concrete pavers.