The whole world is going back to nature with the word ‘natural’ frequently used by food manufacturers and producers to associate their brand or produce with quality.

Going back to nature is also trending in home design with many homeowners seeking to recreate the beautiful outdoors within their homes. One can commonly see a gnarled piece of driftwood being used as a showpiece in the living room or a colour scheme that mimics the kaleidoscope of earth tones present in the sedimentary layers of soil. The same ‘natural’ vibe can be captured in a home tile installation using natural stone tiles such as travertine – a much sought-after material since ancient times and known for its durability, versatility and aesthetic beauty.

Unlike porcelain tiles, which are available in almost every hue imaginable, travertine comes in earthy tones such as sandy browns, stony greys, or terracotta among others. Being a natural product, no two travertine tiles will look alike in colour or finish, contributing to the rustic feel.

The imperfections in Travertine tiles render a distressed finish, which is reminiscent of weathered stone and brings an authentic earthy feel to home decor. Travertine tiles can be installed in most areas of the home on floors and walls with different varieties also available to suit each application. Options include tumbled, honed, filled or unfilled, polished or chisel cut travertine tiles.

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Image: Travertine tiles contribute to a rustic feel in the home