White is the colour of contemporary minimalism. Choosing an all-white colour scheme for the room’s walls is one way to ensure an enduring design that never goes out of style. However, deciding on the specific type of white wall tiles can be a more complex process.

TFO lists out four types of white wall tiles to simplify the selection process.

White subway wall tiles

Subway tiles are so named because the small rectangular tiles were actually used in the New York subway system when it opened over a hundred years ago. However, they have remained popular in kitchens and bathrooms, especially in restaurant kitchens. White subway tiles have a retro style that continues to remain relevant.

3D white wall tiles

Traversing the spectrum of choices, the 3D white wall tiles are contemporary with an ultra-modern feel. TFO’s 3D white tiles contain raised patterns such as waves and circles that provide a visually appealing effect and also add depth and texture to a room by manipulating the reflection of light.

Rectified white wall tiles

An elegant contemporary range, rectified tiles are mechanically cut so that all the tiles are precisely the same size. Rectified tiles deliver a modern finish as the tiles can be placed much closer together than non-rectified tiles at a minimum spacing of 1.5mm. The small gap between tiles ensures the grout lines are almost invisible, giving the illusion of seamlessness. If the colour is properly chosen, the grout will even seem like part of the décor.

White polished porcelain wall tiles

TFO also recommends polished porcelain tiles as an option for white wall tiles. Instead of glazing, the tile surface is ground down until it produces a high polish. Porcelain tiles come in an almost endless variety of colours and patterns. If they are properly sealed, they are also highly resistant to staining.