An in-house study by TFO Tile Factory Outlet reveals that “outdoor tiles” is one of the most popular keywords searched online worldwide. Given the broad range of choices available in the market for outdoor tiles, it’s not surprising that so many people are searching for unique outdoor tiling ideas for their homes as they look for ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their outdoor area.

TFO lists out three inspirational outdoor tiling ideas currently trending in the home design segment.

Stone Look Tiles

The stone look is very popular among homeowners, with its ability to dramatically enhance the appearance of any outdoor area. Natural stone tiles are beautiful in appearance but have a few disadvantages in terms of maintenance and cost. Natural stone tiles require regular sealing and are also quite expensive.

However, the same look can be replicated using porcelain tiles designed with all the fine details of natural stone. Recommended as the perfect outdoor tiling idea, natural stone look porcelain tiles address all the issues associated with real natural stone tiles. Being glazed, stone look porcelain tiles don’t require maintenance, making them extremely practical. Thanks to modern ink jet printing technology, porcelain tiles can reproduce the real stone look without the high price tag. Combined with an R11 anti-slip rating, stone look porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoor areas.

Timber Look Tiles

No one can deny the charm of natural timber on any surface; however, homeowners are reluctant to use the material, especially in outdoor areas, because of the need for ongoing maintenance and the fragility of natural wood. Additionally, when exposed to sun and rain, the wood can deteriorate quickly in spite of the maintenance effort.

Those who love the look of natural timber and would like to see it in their outdoor areas can install stunning timber look tiles for a fraction of the price of real timber with the assurance of no maintenance. Timber look porcelain tiles are strong and durable, making them very practical for outdoor areas. Advanced printing technology also helps capture the warmth and genuine character of natural wood without the cost of real timber.

Concrete Look Tiles

The industrial look is currently trending in design across Australia. Especially preferred for outdoor areas, the industrial look can be achieved by using exposed concrete. However, concrete can get stained or chipped over time, creating a maintenance problem. Concrete look tiles made from porcelain are offered as an efficient alternative and come in many colour variations and patterns, providing an extremely practical solution for any outdoor area.

The TFO showroom stocks an excellent range of stone look tiles, timber look tiles and concrete look tiles, delivering high quality at amazingly low prices. Visit the TFO showroom at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield or their online tile store.

Image: Timber look porcelain tiles are strong and durable, making them very practical for outdoor areas